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Pork Deposit

Pork Deposit

To reserve your half or whole pig for custom processing

Custom processed and packaged pasture raised pork

We are excited to offer our farm raised, pastured pork custom processed to your preferences.  By reserving your half or whole pig you will get the opportunity to choose your sausage flavor, size of cuts, number per vacuum sealed packaging and more to match what you and your family prefer.  It is also more cost effective to buy this way.  We will work with you to fill out a custom cut sheet and will call you when your vacuum sealed and frozen pork is ready.  We work with a local USDA certified processor to ensure you are getting a premium product.

Final cost of your pork will be determined by hanging weight and not finished product weight.  Your deposit will be credited toward that amount.  Weights will vary but we will do our best to give you a reasonable estimate.  Please note the price includes all packaging, custom cut, delivery but does not include smoking costs.